A few common misunderstandings/concerns in spiritual development

4 min readJan 11, 2022

When it comes to concepts like: letting go, letting go, unconditional love, living as yourself, living in the present, loving yourself… there are often quite a few misunderstandings, even many people laugh because they feel it is not satisfactory. So what is more accurate?

🌀 Letting go: it’s not like I’ll just leave everything I want, like if I don’t do anything, the pythons will sleep until they die, just let go… No! Think of Letting go with the act of archery. You set the arrow, draw the bow, aim the target, align, adjust the direction, and then you let go. The moment you let go, you no longer have control over anything, the rest is out of your control, so it doesn’t matter if you stress about it, your part is done. Even if you miss the shot, regret or regret will not do anything. If that is still your goal, then you should calm down and shoot again, if tense, it will be determined to miss.
In life too, you do your best, do it sincerely, but things don’t go as you want, you get judged like this, or someone doesn’t stay with you… You let go, because you have no control over the outcome. But you are at peace because you did your best with the perceptions and resources at the time.
If your goal is happiness, treat archery as a sport, a game, you pursue this or that for fun, because it excites, because it challenges and activates your inner abilities. . You are not tied or possessed by the game.

🌀 Live in the present: it’s not that you don’t care about the past or the future anymore, so you can do whatever you want, you need to live with a purpose, there’s a tomorrow. When you live in the present, you are still aware of the past, but you know you can’t change a thing. Regretting or feeling guilty about the past only makes you appear more virtuous and has no value at all. You calmly accept the mistakes and events that have happened, and now you will do better.
When you live in the present, you still have plans for the future, but you don’t stress or worry about it all day. Because worrying won’t solve anything but rob you of your peace in the present.

🌀 Letting go/Submit to life, or (gypsy is still called) Lost: not a state of weakness, weakness, helplessness with life because you cannot control life. Letting go and surrender to life is based on the understanding that the workings of this life are far greater and wiser than our thinking. While your thinking is limited to the known, this life opens up endless possibilities. You are so focused on the goal you already know, at the same time you are rejecting the unknown. What if the unknown is even more magical. Overplanning kills magic.
Second, the calculation is not against life, just getting old quickly and often suffering and stressing. Osho likens life to a river, you try to swim against the current, it’s okay for a while but it won’t last forever, relax, the river has its wisdom, it will take you where you need to go.

🌀 Unconditional love: it’s not that no matter how people treat me, no matter how toxic the relationship is, I still accept and stay. One is that you can’t unconditionally love anyone if you don’t unconditionally love yourself. The two that “love” and “stay” do not necessarily go hand in hand. If staying in a relationship causes you to be trampled and hurt, you need to leave the relationship, but you don’t have to hate or hate the other person.
Unconditional love requires understanding. Understand what is behind the other person’s behavior. Understanding behind what I have endured is what hurt. And why are we entangled with each other. If you understand, you will be at peace with the story and with that person. That is unconditional love.

🌀 Being myself (authenticity): not the way I like to be and then jump up and down every time someone lashes out at me. Being yourself requires you to understand who you really are. If you act out of fear, hostility, anticipation, or a need to attract or be recognized by others, that’s not you. Being yourself requires you to release unreal fears, release blocked emotions, release the past, forgive yourself and others. To be yourself is not simple, it requires your constant observation to distinguish between perception and the mind’s “coloring” mechanism. Find out which of these countless voices is really the one within you.

🌀 Self-love: not living indulgently, self-indulgent but actually physically harming or mentally stagnant, and letting desire lead. Loving yourself is not denying any feelings inside of you, is not trying to force anything on yourself when you are not ready or the time is not yet, is to stop wishing you had a different life or be like that. others, is to do things that make us happy and peaceful, is to free ourselves from toxic pleasures or relationships, to allow ourselves to make mistakes and to correct them, to accept our thoughts are judging themselves. To love yourself is to respect yourself in any situation.