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Do you know about the uses of blockchain? Blockchain systems can be applied in health, transportation, etc., fields. It is simple to see how blockchain may be useful in a variety of situations. In addition to storing ledgers, blockchains also provide premium features such as smart contracts and a built-in incentives system. Let’s know about how blockchain technology could affect education nowadays. ccFound is a learning platform. By probing the network — not of devices, but of many other people’s thoughts — ccFound uberizer information and intelligence searches. It permits the submission of paid queries, as well as the inclusion of paywalls in published replies, reports, and analysis.


This platform is a new Investment concept that focuses on the cryptoworld basically enhancing the easy use of cryptocurrencies and encouraging the growth of users in it and making them grow exponentially in the market. Now people can access the world of technology and have cryptocurrencies in view as they have information ready for them to gain more knowledge and have their journey on the blockchain organized without any chaos in the process. Those who have been faced with lack of support in the platform will now be able to relate with cryptocurrencies without any challenges and will have all the questions they have in mind solved to end all the nagging and difficulties they have faced in the platform.


This platform will design every portal with different languages to make sure users are able to dominate their Investments and they will get new languages too, developing and dominating the blockchain as that is done.

This platform has issued the found coin with the special symbol FOUND. FOUND Coin within the scope of its use on the Platform and the form of a payment FOUND Coin in the scope of the functions offered by it, including the possibility of obtaining a Tokend.

From a legal standpoint the FOUND Coin will be a form of identity card with a specific entitlement that may be fulfilled by the Issuer in relation to the transaction concluded by the Investor. In practice, this means that the Investor, when purchasing a FOUND Coin i.e. Knowledge Currency, may ask that the Issuer provide a specific benefit that he or she is entitled to for the purchase thereof. The lssuer will issue a total of 2 000 000 000 FOUND Coins. The lssuer also reserves the right to carry out an additional issue at a later date to the extent determined by the community decision (DAO). The lssuer will avoid this possibility in order not to increase the supply of FOUND Coins. The possibility will be realized if it is for the benefit of the lnvestors.

Milestones Of ccFound

Stage 1–2019
Cryptography Research LTD produced the basic DAO design and invested in MVP in the third and fourth quarters of 2019.

Stage 2–2020
Alpha editions launched, UI/UX tests, ICO construction, legal discussions, and a new MVP design are all planned for 2020.

Stage 3–2020
Private coin sale in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Stage 4–2021
Open ICO, based on a 40-week auction system with 1,25 percent Found Coins every week.

Stage 5–2021
New model in 2021 Q3, public beta edition in 2021 Q3.

Stage 6–2021
The commercialization and DAO voting methods are being implemented and tested in Q4.

Stage 7–2022
Complete monetization of the site, eventual decentralization, and user stimulation to build the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)’s organizational environment in Q1.


In terms of the full number of issued FOUND Coins indicated in the platform, the process of this distribution will be divided into two segments, where same FOUND Coins will be transferred for traditional sale, while the other part will be allocated to current activities re lated to the lssuer’s operations and the development of the Platform itself. The division of the number of issued FOUND Coins will be made in accordance with the roadmap of the ecosystem.


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