Citizen Finance Review

During the Covid 19 epidemic, we could see a huge explosion of online activities. Not to be missed are online games where people can entertain, interact directly, sometimes make money through games. With the promise of a crypto financial market in the future, there are also many known names such as MANA, ENJ, SAND but not too many breakthroughs in content. Recently, I followed a potential project called Citizen Finance, so it’s nothing special. Currently, blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, DeFi and NFT are actively developing. All of these areas offer great opportunities and it is very important that we access them, because this is a great opportunity to grow and potentially earn extra income.

Citizen Finance is the world’s first blockchain game network, poised to revolutionize both the crypto and online gaming company. Citizen Finance creates a place where players are the real owners of their in-game money, which they can gamble, resell, donate or simply use for a big deal. Citizen Finance will introduce new concepts and utilities for in-game products using blockchain technology.

Also on the Citizen Finance platform there are a number of promising applications that create a whole multi-ecosystem and have great advantages that will definitely interest you. Here are a few of them:
- Meta City is a blockchain-powered game where players have full ownership of their gaming assets;
- Santa Fe is the required decentralized lending and staking protocol running on the Binance network;
- Cifipowa is an opportunity to create your own works of digital art with its subsequent sale;
- Cifipowa X a unique opportunity to add your collectible digital art works in augmented reality.

In the Citizen financial gaming network, CIPHI announced encryption would act as the primary currency. CIPHI collects a token number for the winner of each game play.
While blockchain technology allows some games to incorporate real ownership of in-game properties, Citizen Finance will use blockchain technologies to implement new ideas and give ownership for in-game property work.

Citizen Finance introduction of NFTs for in-game assets is mainly to promote true ownership of in-game assets and enable players to legally exchange assets between one and another ( You can read more about NFT here)

- Binance smart chain;
- NFT;
- Unification;
- Chain link;
- Augmented reality.

Symbol: CIFI
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Decimal: 18
Type: Utility and Governance
Supply: 500,000

  • Staking (75.875%): 379,375 (Release gradually for LP and Staking rewards)
    Sales IDO (10): 50,000 (Unlock on day 1)
    Liquidity (3.125%): 15,625 (Lock for 6 month)
    Team (10%): 50,000 (10% Unlock on day 1 then 1 year lockup 90%)
    Airdrop & Bounty (1%): 5,000 (100% unlock after distribution)

I see Citizen Finance applications which can be considered as different layers of citizen finance ecosystem. Each app is linked to another app, same multi-functional ecosystem will be created.Because of its capacity, transparency, durability, and strength, I believe Citizen Finance will have a place. stand well in exchanges in general and the cryptocurrency world in particular. In today’s top crypto exchanges, Citizen Finance will soon be accepted.

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