Exip Token -A Unique blockchain-based platform with fair launched DeFi Token.

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Have you ever heard about Exip Token? this text is about Exip Token. Exip may be a protocol that aims to decentralize the web by removing monopolistic control over domain names and top-level domains. A Blockchain DNS solution that uses your preferred agnostic NFTs to spot your domain and top-level domain. The owner of the corresponding domain & top-level domain has complete control over the utilization of Exip DNS because it’s blockchain-based. The term “NFT” refers to a digital asset that depicts real-world components like art, music, in-game goods, and films. They’re frequently encoded with an equivalent software as many other cryptos and are bought and exchanged online, frequently with bitcoin.

Essential blockchain knowledge

A blockchain is a collection of records referred to as blocks that are wont to store data during a public and sequence. the info is encrypted using cryptography to make sure that the user’s privacy is protected which data can’t be manipulated. Blocks on Bitcoin’s blockchain, as we now know, store data about monetary transactions. However, it seems that blockchain also can be wont to store data about other sorts of transactions. Unlike modern financial institutions, information on a Blockchain network isn’t controlled by a centralized authority. the info is maintained by the network’s participants, who even have the democratic ability to approve each transaction which will occur on a Blockchain network.

The Exip browser and extension

Users are going to be ready to use the Exip browser and extension to access blockchain-based DNS technologies that adhere to the zero-knowledge methodology. you’ll use a browser plugin, a fanatical browser, or a decentralized DNS server to go to DNS-created domains. Users can explore decentralized Exip domains using the browser plugin. Users can add the extensions to their current browsers. Users must either install the Exip browser or apply the Exip browser extension to their existing browser to go to decentralized domains. Traditional domains also will be supported by a bridge.

Exip DNS

Exip DNS servers are owned and maintained by the overall public, whereas traditional DNS servers are managed and controlled by one entity (ICANN). Anyone can run their nodes if they need the Exip node running software package installed on their PC. Ordinary users can buy , reserve, sell, auction, and transfer domains and top-level domains identified by NFTs issued by users across several blockchains using the Exip DNS system. Users who run nodes are awarded Exip tokens. Because a single-point assault on a decentralized server would fail, Exip avoids typical DNS server attacks and hacking in terms of security. DNS nodes are going to be hosted by the community and can work as traditional DNS servers, managing decentralized domain names locally or within the cloud. When a user types a website name into the search box, the code looks for it first within the Exip DNS resolvers, then within the normal DNS server if that fails.

EXIP Token

EXIP launches a native token called EXIP token which functions as an agnostic usage & governance token as explained above. EXIP launched an EXIP token based on Binance BEP-20 with the issuance of 2,100,000 tokens for any given time. By owning an EXIP token, users will get several benefits such as users being able to buy, sell, and auction domains, get rewards by only holding tokens, and others. Users can get EXIP tokens through an IEO program that EXIP will announce soon.


January 2020-Initial Concept & Initiated R&D
March 2021-White paper
May 2021-Promotional Token Offering
June 2021-Domain & TLD Reservation System
June 2021-Exip Browser (Extension)
June 2021-ITO/IEO
June 2021-Domain & TLD Reservation System
July 2021-DNS server Version 1
August 2021-IDO
October 2021-Static Website Hosting
October 2021-Exchange Offering Stage 2 & 3
June 2022-DNS server V2
July 2022-Exip Browser
September 2022-Dynamic Website Hosting
October 2022-Token Offering / Exchange Offering Stage 4 & 5
June 2023-DNS Server V3 Exip Browser V3
September 2023-Website Hosting V3

The Exip ecosystem is tailored to the specific demands of every person, business, or public organization. It’s a use and governance token that’s released on the Binance blockchain first. It will be used to buy, sell, and auction domains and top-level domains, with token holders receiving stakes when domains and TLDs are owned and auctioned. So, don’t you believe it’s a wonderful investment platform? Working with them was a fantastic experience.

To conclude

The internet is a vast network that connects many of us round the world, but nowadays, the web has been centralized and monopolized by several companies or organizations, especially within the ownership of domain names and top-level domains, companies like GoDaddy have monopolized global domain sales. And EXIP exists as a platform which will decentralize the web and overcome monopolistic control over domain names and top-level domains. EXIP aims to prevent internet centralization and monopoly with a spread of innovative features, like EXIP Browser & Browser Extension, Decentralized Hosting, EXIP DNS, and EXIP Token. it’s hoped that with the presence of EXIP, a person, private, or government institutions are often facilitated and benefited.

Add information about EXIP project

Website: https://www.exip.live/

Whitepaper: https://bit.ly/3bf8D56

Telegram: https://t.me/exipofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExipOfficial

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exipproject

Medium: https://medium.com/@exip

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/exiptoken

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