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Introducing EXTONS (https://www.extons.io/)

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Extons exchange may be a crytocurrency exchange and also deals with a centralized exchange. The exton exchange was founded within the month of June, year 2020 and since then it’s been doing exploit within the exchange world. The exton may be a product which derive it’s root from the Thisoption ecosystem For people who aren’t conversant in the Thisoption ecosystem ( https://thisoption.com/) it’s a product of the finance algorithm international company. Thisoption ecosystem was founded at Canada within the year 2016.Thisoption exchange is additionally an exchange that has been certified by the national futures association (NFA). The Thisoption exchange has been opportuned to launch quite 15,000 members and has been present in additional than 7 countries. Finally, about the Thisoption exchange ecosystem, in June 2020, it reached an agreement sponsored by the NFA(American derivatives exchange) and also opened a replacement headquarter within the uk .

ExTons Exchange

Extons is the best crypto trading platform with multiple security so that it gives security to user assets. Extons introduces the best digital multi-currency support such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Tron, and others.

EXTONS is your new way of trading cryptocurrency on the market. The platform is integrated with world-class security and protection, keeping your crypto assets safe.

EXTONS has the best features of a super trading exchange. We provide users with a smart and responsive UI. Here, you can trade crypto with fiat through a powerful P2P network.

Worried about liquidity? EXTONS will have you covered. EXTONS reduces all liquidity risks with trading tools to help you stay safe on the market such as Spread and Price Calculators.


Support for multiple currencies
We will continuously introduce and list quality cryptocurrencies around the world on our Exchange giving our users wide ranged trading services with the majority of cryptocurrencies.

User experience
We have a 24/7 online customer support service that ensures every user’s transaction are done smoothly.

High Liquidity
With the modern technology, building an artificial market based on over 250 market parameters and 24/7 ongoing support with high Liquidity.

Safe and stable
Front-end and back-end designs, along with the implementation of multi-point and multi-modal allocations, help scale and provide better services to our customers.


March 2020 :Conceptualize the release of a cryptocurrency exchange that is a part of Thisoption.com ecosystem

June 2020 :Release ExTons.io’s first alpha version

July 2020 :Run the Ton saving program on the Exton.io Exchange.

August 2020 :ExTons.io enters operations, linking account with the Thisoption.com main exchange.

Q4 2020 :Lists all the Tons coin on two of the top 30 CMC exchanges and implementation of the Tons as This option.com andtge Tronstrade App’s main stablecoin.

Q1 2021 :Release the ExTons DEX and implementation direct fiat payment gateways

Q2 2021 :Run the ExTons staking program

Q3 2021 :Kick-start the Margin trading feature on Extons.io

Q4 2021 :Implementation TONS as the main stablecoin on TONSPAY

Token information

Since a currency is very vital for the effective functioning of any system, EXTON.IO has minted a token on the Ethereum network.
The token of the platform is known as the TRONS token. It is better and far more superior than the regular cryptocurrencies, as it is created to be a TRC-20 token, and plays a major role in the system.
Confers to its users, the power to make payment and other transactions on the EXTONS exchange.

Total supply: 180.000.000

Plan to list the TONS token on more than 10 international exchanges .More importantly on 2020 expecting to list the TONS token on CoinMarketCap in October.


A cryptocurrency is a huge place and one among the fastest-growing financial industries. There are over 300 operating exchange and still, most of them provide enough liquidity to the markets. EXTONS are often a secure place for traders everywhere the planet . With its wide selection of services, it can attract traders and investors to its ecosystem.



Extons: https://www.extons.io/

Thisoption: https://thisoption.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thisoptionexchange/

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5263768

Medium: https://medium.com/@thisoption.com

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17bk3JD1QNu71uNWXxstowz2mhF1XHnRo/view?fbclid=IwAR0YbgXfHmZCw0mLfx5-btldRtqMp_ZvKVndGMqKLVe1KJdhN39l5YHidnY

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