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It’s time for us to approach the media differently. As you know, Trump calls some media outlets fake news, they provide information that they want others to know but not the truth. Before certain information is released, it always has to go through a few people in power before it is made public. If you go against their point of view, you will be disqualified. Look at how Twitter, Facebook did to Trump during his campaign. They prevent him from communicating for his campaign, but I believe many of his followers on social media channels expect more. With the idea of ​​creating a decentralized online communication channel, yes it is completely decentralized. Content is brought to you through crowd voting, no KYC you just need a phone to connect to FUTUROV and directly, upload your creative content. Information will be voted on by the community, a completely free space.

About Futurov

Futurov is an entertainment platform that allows users and creators to receive equivalent rewards for their efforts in the form of bitcoin or FTV coins. With Futurov, people across the globe can access various types of content without worrying about censorship or penalty, they can enjoy unlimited free content. FTV wants to bring the entertainment services of the crypto and legacy worlds into one place through open source APIs and produce our own original content as an immutable source of news, entertainment and media. And censorship-resistant through the first community-voted OTT streaming protocol.

They found a pioneering way to monetize the free market and reward creators who contribute to users without their consent in a completely unreliable way. According to the researchers, the OTT market is estimated to grow to nearly $200 billion by 2025. Futurov will be a safe haven of barrier-free information for every citizen on earth. No registration, registration or KYC required. Just download the app and get live TV, movies or shows from any country in the world. Once Futurov reaches the required capacity in market capitalization and achieves optimal purchasing power through economies of scale, we plan to host every TV channel, Movies, TV Shows and Documentaries historically on an immutable distributed ledger and compete for the newest and most exclusive releases and fund the most incredible ideas through a crowdsourced reserve of Originals operating. Targeting the unbanked demographic, Futurov will include the below core services that will continue to grow :

  • OTT APP: Futurov provides a live stream application that makes it easier for users to enjoy various live stream content.
  • Originals: Futurov supports creators to be able to produce their own content without restrictions along with the funding.
  • NFT launchpad, Marketplace, and VR / AR showcaser: Futurov has a place where upcoming artists launch their NFT films and iconic brands to launch VR / AR collectibles.
  • Gamified definition: Futurov provides a place where users can learn about finance, politics, and crypto projects while playing games.
  • Social media & p2p review network: Futurov provides a platform that allows users to share, engage and connect.
  • Meme station: Futurov provides a channel dedicated to endless memes 24/7.
  • The Diamond Hands Annual Awards: Futurov plans to launch an awards ceremony in the world where all votes are cast on blockchain technology.

FTV Token

Futurov launches a native token called FTV token which functions as token utility, rewards, and governance. Futurov launched an FTV token based on Binance BEP-20 with a total supply of 8,000,000,000 FTV. By owning an FTV token, users will get several benefits such as being able to participate in governance, receive airdrops, stake tokens, etc. Users can get FTV tokens through an exchange or the Futurov application.


The world needs a free source of information and entertainment that blocks all requests, allows users to vote on their own rights and licenses are also purchased as support accounts will be awarded. Although being a latecomer, FUTUROV has come up with completely new and innovative solutions and services for users to overcome the points that youtube, Netflix, Amazin Prime. Streaming service providers will always be checked. Futurov intends to introduce a multimedia entertainment platform where the owner community will show users a platform that will empower everyone to participate and a financial revolution of auto market monetization. and Rewards for users .

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