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As a blogger it is my responsibility to give readers the best view of the content I bring. As a project developer they have to lead their community in the right direction. As an investor you must make the best decisions for yourself in an investment. And fortunately I was able to find a project that can satisfy all such factors. With the idea of ​​serving the community sustainably, transparency, creativity,… HUP.LIFE allows socially conscious artists and image collectors to sell, license and fully monetize their work. Their artwork as a copyright-supported NFT (ceNFT). Confirmation Through International Copyright Certificate and Securities Law.

Ideas to form the project

Harrison Jordan founder of HUP.LIFE shared that: ‘’I fell in love with capybaras from the first time I discovered them, I live in Toronto, Canada. Capybaras rarely ruffle up to challenge, and their open and friendly nature makes them accessible to a wide variety of animals in the ecosystem. And while being docile, capybaras are extremely protective of themselves, doing what they can to maintain their tight-knit community. He really has a warm heart. Also Harrison is a creative person. He enjoys creating music and playing with his long-respected Korg MSB2000 synthesizer and in the past he co-founded the electronic dance music (EDM)/trap record label Dirty Duck Audio, where he co-wrote the track Soulja Boy, facilitated placement in national TV shows and commercials, and led the way in promotion and monetization of the label’s entire catalog — resulting Substantial royalties will be charged and rewarded to artists who have never been compensated for their work before. That’s why Harrison wants to be able to help artists generate more income from their work.

Coincidentally, those are the same values ​​that underpin $HUP and the HUP.LIFE Ecosystem. $HUP token and the HUP.LIFE ecosystem put power back into the hands of individuals, democratizing decision-making and bringing together diverse perspectives from around the world — no matter what how much money an individual has in their pocket. ‘’


NFT Market & Platform Money for visual artists & collectors

HUP.MARKET is the world’s original platform that allows socially conscious artists from around the world and sells copyright-permissive NFTs (ceNFTs) through a framework that complies with national copyright laws economic and securities law. Reasons you should consider creating a ceNFT instead of an NFT if you are a visual artist:

✅ Artists get a cut of future resale and licensing deals by subsequent buyers.
✅ ceNFTs transfers the entire license package to the buyer (traceable through what we call ‘Ghost NFT’).
✅ Art is minted as ceNFT that runs through 2 layers of authentication to determine authenticity and uniqueness: a powerful image recognition engine and a consensus mechanism in which users can provide proof of identity. offense.
✅ Hyperlinks contained in ceNFT metadata are resolved through HUP.LIFE’s own TLD on a blockchain-based, decentralized Domain Name System (DNS) service, in addition to being accessible worldwide through the global TLD system.
✅ That metadata file is stored on an immutable, decentralized cloud file system powered by blockchain technology, with dozens of file pinning nodes at the same time, promoting redundancy and ensuring longevity length of the NFT. An image file depicting the artwork is also uploaded to Arweave as a permanent safety net.
✅ Artists can sell ceNFT without transferring Ghost NFT if they want to keep the copyright — and can then license it to 3rd parties using HUP.LIFE’s licensing module built on top of HUP.LIFE’s licensing modules. Ricardian contract design principles.


HUP.LIFE has a new split card structure that aims to achieve its ambitious goal to bring the road to completion a reality of being fully financially self-sufficient with no external liquidity or fundraising Traditionally, we also provide transparency to our community that is unmatched in blockchain projects.

In addition to our charity wallet, community members can also view the trading wallet of each of the nine specific wallets managed by the team, namely:

✅ Initial liquidity for PancakeSwap (25%)
✅ R&D / Tech (15%)
✅ Marketing / Admin / Misc (15%)
✅ NFT Authenticator (10%)
✅ Airdrops & Bounties (10%)
✅ Leadership & Mentoring (10%)
✅ Legal fees (5%)
✅ Liquidity for other DEXs & Listing Fees for platforms (5%)
✅ NFT Capybara Art 1:1 for early registrants (5%)

Let me know your opinion ! For more project information please check below :

Website :
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Bounty0x : @subin
Wallet Address : 0x833a8D0eFe450a79F86872E4D371D4CeEd45fa8D

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