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Do you think marketing is an important thing for crypto projects? If you have been a participant in the cryptocurrency market since the beginning of 2021 until now, you probably already know how Elon Musk has changed the cryptocurrency market with just one Twitter social network. I have followed many crypto projects and realized that the projects with very good ideas and teams cannot bring the project to success like many other projects. The fact is that we can see a lot of coin memes created as jokes but very successful like DOGE, SHIBA,… but they are especially interested in marketing by combining with photo people. very good communication.

What is Push Community?

Push Community is a new Ecosystem that introduces a Community-based Ecosystem that makes a replacement concept of selling on various social media through the assistance of Blockchain Technology. Their concept of making Advanced Algorithms integrated with a solid Framework which provides a spread of the latest projects out there to hold out community-driven promotions of the very best quality ensuring maximum traction. This ecosystem may be a bridge to access what we frequently ask as “Shillers” which give news or encouragement within their circle or other media platforms with content that promotes various projects within the Push Community ecosystem. This ecosystem ensures the potential of social media that maximizes the success chance of a project to urge an appropriate and wider audience and simpler traction.

The team that designed the Community Push Ecosystem combines various Blockchain elements and social media assisted by the community so as to create a new marketing technique that is more efficient and transparent where the various processes will also use the Blockchain Public Network. This ecosystem itself collects various Influencers especially those in crypto and creates a new Advertising service that is wrapped in the Shill method, this method is seen as more effective than other marketing techniques and has been proven successful if done correctly, One example is Elon Musk who does Shill and pushed the Crypto market to enter the bull market some time ago. This ecosystem is also designed to eliminate spammers and only ensure Organic Techniques that ensure a healthier audience and not dominated by bots. Every project or other party can buy native tokens that will be distributed to do marketing fairly and increase the success of a project itself.

What is PCOM Token?

PCOM Token is the native currency that will be used in the Community Push Ecosystem, this token acts as the main transaction tool that will be used to pay for services such as Shilling. This token will be distributed to the Binance Smart Chain Public Network (BSC) Blockchain which ensures transparency and cheaper and faster transaction processes, This is made possible by the Implementation of Smart Contracts that create Automatic Transaction processes. PCOM implements Deflationary Token Concept which will reduces Total Supply every time a transaction occurs and ensures the token value will remain stable and maintained. This token also implements a reward system for its Holders which also provides a Passive Income Stream other than as the main transaction tool.



Marketing is an important factor determining the success of a project. With a team of experienced in this field, PCOM helps developers to market to potential users accurately and effectively. They understand the algorithms and conditions on social networking sites to help the project reach the maximum, and also work with the developer to discuss the best marketing for the project. Although the idea is not so new, in the cryptocurrency market it is necessary. Hopefully in this article I have provided you with useful information. To find out more information about the project you can see more here:

Website: https://pcom.group/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PushCommunity1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pushcommunity1/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Push-Community-PCOM-112564677732015

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/pushcommunity

Whitepaper: https://pcom.group/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Push-Community.pdf

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