Why will zkTube Protocol be popular among more Dexs in the future?

4 min readJul 10, 2021

What is zkTube?

ZkTube is a Layer 2 protocol based on K Rollup (Layer 2 capacity expansion scheme with the zero-knowledge proof). In terms of token trading under the ERC20/ERC721 protocol, it can greatly reduce the transaction cost, and achieve the throughput 200 times than that of Layer1, with the TPS of up to 3000+. ZkTube will become a satisfactory solution for application scenarios with higher requirements on the transaction delivery, timeliness, and high-throughput Dapp.

zkTube has posted on medium regarding the technical team to participate in the development of uniswap v3. I think this is a richer combination of zkTube’s future cooperation with Dex. Compared with similar projects, zktube has more plastical than other project in the furture.

Technical team of ZkTube has accessed Uniswap V3 Hackathon Granted to promote development of V3 version.

UniSwap V3 Granted in GitCoin

Source: https://gitcoin.co/hackathon/projects/gr9/zktube/

On Mar. 24, 2021, Uniswap, the world largest encrypted current spot exchange, released a formal document to introduce its V3 version. Currently, Uniswap has been one of the key infrastructures of DeFi, enabling developers, traders and fluidity providers to participate in the safe and steady blockchain finance market.

  1. Centralize liquidity to make individual LP precisely control the distributed price scope of their capitals. Gather individual positions into one pool to form a combined curve for users’ trading.
  2. Adopt multi-level charging, allowing LP to access proper compensation by bearing different degrees of risks.

Uniswap V3 adds the granularity control functions named “liquidity aggregation” based on the original AMM curve to improve the capital efficiency by 4,000 times. Except for the core liquidity aggregation, V3 version is also configured with several functions, including multi-level rate control, range orders and historical oracle machine, to serve LP, traders and third-party application developers.

Principle of combination of zkTube and v3

For both UniswapV2 and V3, zkTube underlying protocol can support data exchange with L2 accounts. Users can choose on V2 to deposit ETH or ERC20 tokens on L2 to carry out swap trading or provide liquidity, or choose on V3 to deposit ETH or ERC20 tokens on L2 to carry out swap trading or provide liquidity, and then summarization, packing, proofing and final verification will be conducted on L2. If everything is ok, it will be submitted to the main chain of ETH.

So, zkTube can provide the same tps and experience as centralized services in the DEX field, but the trading formality fee is decreased by about 100 times. According to the testing result, the current tps is 3,000+, which has even been faster than the handling speed per second of centralized exchanges.

Cooperation advantages

Deployment of Uniswap V3 on Layer 2 will introduce many apps to transfer to zkTube, and zkTube Protocol will provide more products in the Defi field with extended services. It will help Uniswap V3 to explore ETH capacity expansion, expense, privacy and security to improve the capital efficiency and liquidity, reduce Gas consumption of the oracle machine and improve the expense level.

Strengths of zkTube compared with zk Rollup

The following changes have been applied to zkTube based on ZK Rollup:

  1. Review incentives for operators are added;
  2. Batch packaging and state root are separated and handled independently;
  3. PLONK based algorithm optimization.
  4. ZkTube based common language ZKTVM


Low Gas fee and high throughput

ZKTube protocol will set a block size as 12M, a theoretical throughput of 3,000 +TPS, and the cost of single transaction less than 2% of that for the corresponding operation on L1.

Safety guarantee at the level of Ethereum mainnet

On the zkTube network, the massive calculation and data storage operations will be processed on L2. And then, a large number of transactions will be summarized and packed into a single block and the zero-knowledge proof is generated, then all of them will be sent to L1 for verification, which not only improves the transaction processing speed of the whole network, but also ensures security.

Quick Transaction Verification

On the zkTube network, when the block with SNARK proof is sent to L1 for smart contracting and passes the verification, all transactions in this block will be confirmed, which only takes about 10min from submission to the completion of verification. And this time will be increased to seconds as ZKTube network throughput increases in the future.

Transfer payment received in a real time

On the zkTube network, it takes about 10min for the transaction to become the final confirmation state, but this doesn’t affect the normal use of L2. Users only need to adjust the balance contained in the Token leaf node in their account trees when conducting the transfer operation, so the transfer payment between L2 can be received in a real time.

If you want to know more information about zkTube, please feel free to contact us in the following ways.

Web: paytube.io

Mainnet: zktube.io (off-line)

Mainnet: zktube.io (not online yet)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/zkTubeOfficial

Medium: https://zktube.medium.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zkTube.io

Telegram: https: //t.me/joinchat/v0bgWm6reV0wYjRl

Discord: https://discord.gg/byCzZtwv


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